Where to start with your small business website design?

Every small business needs a presence on the internet, whether it is on social media or your very own website. Your small business website design is an integral part of your marketing plan.

Small business website design can be overwhelming!

But with the right research and direction the results will provide you with a website for your small business that will be visually appealing to your target market and convert page visits into sales!

What are the key elements to good website design?

There are a number of key elements for good small business website design.  Thinking about these elements is a great place to start your small business website design.  Some important elements of website design include:

  • Visual Design – A lot of factors come into play when thinking about the visual design of your website, like company branding, and is appealing to your target market.
  • Quality Content – the content of your small business website needs to be informative and relevant to your business. If not you will not only lose the interest of your customers but you will also be penalised by Google!
  • Easy Navigation – there are different trends about navigation, for example hidden menus, etc.  You need to keep in mind your target market, are your customers experienced with website navigation? Or are they more design focused?
  • Call to Action – Direct your customers to a purchase or contact page with a call to action.

A well designed and functional small business website, can be achieved by keeping these elements in mind. Also it doesn’t hurt to have the help of a website designer!  Do you need help getting started with your small business website design? Or perhaps you need a review of your current website?  Call or message Peta today to get the process under way!