Complete After the Split Website Design

Sandra Avendano endured a divorce and an engagement break up. Rather than simply moving on she set off on a journey of self discovery. Sandra adopted a holistic approach to getting over loss, learning about the impacts that the break up had on her physical and mental health, then addressing these through a healthy diet, natural medicine and exercise. She wanted to share this journey with others so that they can learn from her experience and also become ‘complete after the split’.

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Project description

During our first discussions for the website design Sandra said she liked simplicity and wanted the website to create a positive and peaceful feeling for her audience.  The CATS Doll (designed by Sandra) and her puzzle dress were key elements of her brand and the design would need to revolve around this.  Sandra had engaged another web designer who wasn’t able to turn her vision into a website.

In the end I developed a website that incorporated the CATS Doll throughout, explaining the meaning behind the logo, as well as providing the information and resources Sandra had collected during her journey to her audience. The structure was also put in place for a shopping cart, ready for when CATS merchandise was produced.

You are a genius! I am jumping up and and down (literally)!

I’ll look at it more in detail over the weekend and get back to you with few thoughts but, overall, I love it!

Chat soon


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