Small business website design – where do you start?

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A small business needs a website now more than ever in history. In the midst of a global pandemic, having your own piece of internet real estate ensures you own your key business messages without the need for face to face contact. And, for a small business, website design is an integral part of your business marketing plan.

This doesn’t mean a social media page either. When social media giants play marionette with businesses using their platform we lose control of our message. Absolutely, use social media as a communication tool, but don’t put your eggs all in one basket.  Being proactive in your communication is key, and this starts with a good website design.

Where do you start with website design? 

When designing a small business website, it’s important to consider a number of factors. These can be the difference between a great marketing tool and something that makes the user click away. The primary consideration for all these aspects is to understand your target market.

Visual Design

The visual design of your website is one factor that will determine how much time a customer is willing to spend on your website. Visually it needs to represent your business and appeal to the target market.  A fine dining restaurant will need to portray elegance, quality and ambience. It needs to reflect the restaurant itself and what the customer is looking for. Whereas a kids sports company would need to appeal to young parents who value an active lifestyle. It’s important to understand your market and what visual elements would appeal to your customers. The same is important for site navigation.

Easy Navigation

Trends in regard to navigation will come and go. Consider firstly how easy it is for your customers to find the information they need. User experience is key. For example, if you are an aged care facility, you may want to consider how age may affect the customer’s ability to find their way to your contact form. 

Quality Content

According to Time Magazine, a Microsoft study in 2019 found we now have 8 seconds to get our customers’ attention on our website, down from 12 seconds in the year 2000.

“People have an attention span of eight seconds, a decrease from 12 seconds back in 2000.“ Time Magazine.

We need to ensure the quality of website content is on point and relevant to keep your customers engaged and interested in your brand. If you don’t prioritise your content your customers will move on and google will penalise your website.  This includes:

    • Effective and considered copywriting, including keywords and tone of voice
    • Quality Image and Video production

Call to Action

What is it that you want your potential customers to do?  If you have a booking page, the call to action should direct customers there so they book in with you. 

Think about a supermarket. Imagine walking down the aisles and selecting what you want. Only to find you then have to search around for the checkout to make the purchase. 

Your call to action needs to take all the elements above into account and be available on every page of your website.  Make it easy for your customers to make a booking, purchase a product or to simply find your phone number.

Keep these elements in mind, and you will be well on your way to creating a website for your small business that will keep your customers returning time and time again. 

Does your business need help navigating the world of small business website design? Or, perhaps your existing website needs an overhaul?  Contact Peta now to discuss your website design today.